Education Search Programme

Education Search Programme

Fitz-Gibbon is recognised for having strong global links and our overseas tenants rely on us to provide assistance not only in sourcing quality homes but in many other aspects of life, which could otherwise prove daunting to the incoming expatriate.

One such consideration and major one at that, is the location of appropriate schooling. We are proud to be one of the few agents in London to offer educational search and consultancy services and are delighted to introduce our clients and tenants to experts in this specialist field.

Martin Humphrys is one of the UK's leading education consultants based in London. Through his establish and highly regarded organisation - Humphreys` Education Limited, the consultancy specialises in placing children in schools throughout the United Kingdom, in Europe and in the USA.

With many years of experience of front line teaching and consultancy Martin and his team are available to advise and assist in choosing schools and colleges in both in the private and the state sector. An initial consultation may be made to coincide with a property inspection visit at one of our offices or at a venue to suit you. For further information on Humphreys' Education contact +44 (0)1932 250368 or visit

Identifying a school for your children is one of the toughest yet most important decisions you will make on their behalf. Laidlaw School Search offers independent advice on all areas relating to school choice. We typically work with families who are relocating to or within the UK, in addition to local families who have reached the natural point of transfer between schools.

Laidlaw Education also provides private tuition, courses, assessments, special needs assessments and full educational support for both children of all ages and their parents.

For further information on Laidlaw Education contact +44 (0)20 8487 9517 or visit

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